so glad VIXX is coming to Dallas Texas!! its a Bit of a Drive but they are coming to TEXAS!!!! VIXX 오빠 사랑 해요!!! if you live in Teaxas or near come!!! Support KPOP!!!!


i miss taekwoon’s hair like this :-(

he looks hot as hell.


you should laugh more leo o u o it’s cute XD

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One Piece challenge day 1

LUFFY OF COURSE!!!   Not only is he HILARIOUS and in his own world, he also is SUPER STRONG and always caring for his friends. <3

Forteniumblr: One Piece 30-Day Challenge


I found two versions of the One Piece 30-day challenge. They both had questions I liked. They both had questions I didn’t like/I found redundant/were better said on the other version. So what did I do? I cut and paste the questions to make my own version.

Day 1: Favourite Straw Hat
Day 2:…

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Bartolomeo XD

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